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Remember when I blindly hated Russel Brand? I fucked up.

"They’re in a better position to judge than I am."

I think this is how most open minded people who value communication, connection, and are willing to learn from others think.

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Apparently how people feel after waking up from naps.


How I feel after waking up from naps.


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beauty and the beast…

This was one of my favorite scenes in the entire series! It was perfect. The song, the dress! Brilliant!

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Imagine if people’s hair color matched their eye color

/every person who has brown hair and brown eyes sighs deeply

red heads would in fact be satanic 

Why aren’t we thinking about this the other way round. If your hair looked like your eyes that’d be neato

*brown eyed people sighs deeply again*

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Ryan Murphy: Yes Evan Peters and Emma Roberts will have a relationship during Freak Show.

AHS Fandom:


Today is gonna be terrific, it’s beautiful out today, got my pumpkin spice latte going! Plus all the big wigs at the office are gone so we’re ordering panera bread for lunch (free food) and I got a reserved space by the door!